Gonna do a website update! :D [7/28/2016]

So i was looking at my followers websites, (thanks for following me by the way. ^u^) and i saw a guy who redesigned his website! It looked neat and i then had made my mind about if i should redesign the webpage! From the title i think you can tell but i'm going to redesign the website! :D But don't worry! If you like this style i will put a link to get to the old version of the website. Also, i'll be moving my blog over there so yeah! Once i make the webpage this will be my last blog on the current version of the site! Also this is good to test my HTML skillz. (and also some googling skills cx) Anyways, have fun on the hype train! Buh-Bye! :D

Making a game! :3 [7/27/2016]

So you know how i said i was making a game called Toastventure? I finished it, but it doesn't look that good. If you want to see it you can post a comment on my Neocities website page. Anyways, i'm working on a different game called, Jemousi! I don't know what it's gonna be about but it looks pretty awesome! Anyways i'm thinking of making a new website because now i'm not really into the Geocities thing. :/ Not saying i don't like it, but i just dont really like it that "much" anymore. So if i say i made a new site go check it out because i'm also planning on moving my blog there! Well that about does it for me! Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :D (Night for me. :/)

I'm back! :D [7/24/2016]

So it's been a month last time i posted! I'm sorry for the delay of posts but alot has been keeping me busy! I also been working on a project! :D It's a game called Toastventure! I'll letcha guys know some stuff about it soon. But it's a cool RPG and it's looking pretty good! I hope you guys enjoy my come back and i will post again soon!

Sorry for the lack of posts. :/ [6/24/2016]

I know i said i would post again but i didn't have time. We also took 2 school trips! :D One was we went to a school just to visit. (And i got the ladys all over me because i danced to Space Jam. B]) And the other one was a viking thing. They said there would be lots of hands on to learn about Canadian history but. The only hands on i did was wear a hat and play with hula hoops. Well i'm wondering what to do for the website and i thought of a idea! What if i made a lil thing for ideas to do for the website! :D Imma do it now and then all of you can help make this website better! Also this website is made by using Neocites which is awesome by the way. And to know when updates are made to the site you can follow the website! :D I will have a link somewhere to link you to the place where you can follow! :D Just note that you need to have a Neocities account. Meaning you need to make a website of your own! Which means that you can also do what im doing! Well now that we got that out of the way, Imma talk about video games. I love them so much! And i want you guys to tell me what you think about video games and what is your fav one! I love video games as they can give you the feeling of almost being there whenever its a 8-Bit game or the new generation of video game consoles with HDMI enabled! My fav game i think is Little Big Planet 2! I don't play it now because my PS3 controllers keep breaking. Now if you want to join in the fun you can let your opinion be public by going to this link! Shoutbox! Anyways, Buh-Bye! :D

A little update! :D [6/22/1016]

So just a really small update. I added a about section on the homepage! :D I will post again so don't worry, This isn't the only post for the day!

School Sucks. :/ [6/21/2016]

Welp im in class working on this blog, i'm not supposed to do this but ech. I'm suprised i made a second post and everytime i do a project i barely finish it. Kinda like when i was at a friends house and i made a game on their computer. I can still access it, it's just i'm to lazy too. :/ Anyways because the Grade 8's and the teacher are on a trip in which they sleepover! We have the boring french teacher for now until Thursday. I wanted to take a break and i only got a 5 minute break! >:( To me, a hour is 10 minutes. Depending on what im doing for the hour. And don't come saying to me "Oh, time flys when you're having fun!" because most of the time im not! >:( Well i might post again today if i feel like it. So for now, Buh-Bye! :D

The First Blog Post! :D [6/20/2016]

So, here is the first blog post on this website! Today i fixed a bug with the website for widescreen users, and of course added this blog! I just put this here if i wanted to do updates but i thought, "Why not make it a blog!?!" and so i did! Right now as im typing this im in another class with my friends. Were in a different class than normal because the class we were at had no supervision, even tho we were he before for almost a hour and nothing bad happened. We were just working on stuff we should be doing. Welp anyways i might post again. Oh and im also working on a cool game! And i'm not telling you what it is called. >:) Anyways, ill be working more on the website after this blog post. So... Buh-Bye! :D