You might be asking yourself, What is this place? Well its my little itsy bit unneeded website! :D

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Updated the Discord server!

You guy's might not have noticed this but i have a Neocities discord server! But i kinda rushed it. :p But last night i decided to update it! I put only 1 bot in it, i changed the logo, i changed the name, i removed a channel that wasn't needed, i got a bot to autorole and i even changed the name! I updated it because it seems that Openbooks Lounge closed down, and sc's house isn't really about Neocities so i decided, imma update my Neocities discord server! To go and visit just simply go into my sidebar and click on "Discord", i hope you guys enjoy! :D (Also be sure to put your ideas and suggestions for my website in the guestbook!!!)

Where have i been? [3:52 2016-09-24]

Where have i been exactly? Well i have been active but i am getting pretty lazy on this website and considering on giving up on it. It's been fun and all but nobody really gives me feedback and when they do it's just one guy. So if you do like my website and want me to keep it running and want me to make 3.0 (which was in the making) then give me some suggestions in my guestbook. School has also been in the way and my sleep schedule is falling apart. So yeah, Buh-Bye! :D

Tommorow's school. :o [10:54 2016-9-5]

Tommorow is school and i am a nervous because i am going to an new school due to the other one being closed down. My friends from the other school will be there though. Including my kindergarden friends! :D And because of this i might be less active. :p But remember to post your suggestions for this website in my guestbook! :D Buh-Bye! :D

It is my birthday! :D [5:08 2016-08-31]

Yep, it's my birthday! :D I gotten a 32gb MicroSD card! :D And some movies! Including the Back To The Future trilogy! :D My sister let me get some movies and as soon as i saw the trilogy i got it. I always wanted to watch the trilogy because everybody was talking about it on 2015. Anyways, i know i haven't updated the website but i been really busy lately. But i am working on Mebi Studios! I just am not updating the site because you guys never really use my guestbook to do stuff that would help me. But i'm thinking of updating the site when i have time. Anyways Buh-Bye! :D

I am back and got some good news! :D [5:17 2016-08-17]

I'm back! I woke up at 9:00AM today because the hydro went out causing my alarm clock to turn off. :P But besides that i am alive once again! :D I been working on eNet and we have turned it into Mebi Studios! :D We are working on a project called NeoEXT which is a thing i made where you place a simple piece of code and it gives you a feature! Fun fact, it was originally going to be so you have to download the file but we found out a way to just make it extremly simple! This explains why i haven't updated in a while. And i have been also thinking about upgrading to 3.0! :D But because i have no idea what you guys want i would REALLY like it if you told me what you wanna see via my guestbook and/or my neocites profile page! I am also working on things to put on the download section! :) Also i made it to the front page! :D Just scroll down and there i am! :) I really enjoy the support you guys have been giving me and i want to become one with the future! So, thats all guys! Buh-Bai! :D

5000 VIEWS! :D [7:56 2016-08-15]

We just got 5000 views! Thank you guys so much for visiting my site and just looking around! It makes me feel like i'm not alone and people are intrested in what i do! I hope this website could be a awesome site in the future. Future me, if you're reading this, thanks for making this website awesome! Well, thank you guys. And Buh-Bye! :D

I'm not dead! :D [9:54 2016-08-14]

I am not dead! :D I just made this to let you guys know that. I'm just busy. So yeah! :D Buh-Bye! :D

Need your guys help! :o [3:48 2016-08-03]

So i been happy about this site but i need your guys help! :o I don't know what to make for you guys! But don't worry! :D There is a way you can help! :D Just go into the nav bar and click on Guestbook, there you can submit your idea there! :D Thanks and have fun helping! Buh-Bye! :D

Another update! :D [6:50 2016-08-02]

So i saw a follower say he could help make it so the nav bar was easy to edit, he linked me to his tutorial and it worked! :D So go check him out at! :D I really liked his tutorial as it was simple and it showed off screenshots to help me through! :D Now you might think. "coolman, how is this a update? It's more like a update for you." Well because of this i'll be able to put more stuff in the nav bar making it so i will add more stuff for you guys! :D So thanks for reading! :D Buh-Bye! :D

3000 Views! :D [8:43 2016-08-01]

Guess what guys? WE GOT 3000 VIEWS! :D Thanks guys for supporting me! Buh-Bye! :D

A update! :D [7:54 2016-08-01]

Hai! So i just made a little update to the site! You most likely already knew this because i changed the cursor! :D It was a very hard time trying to get it to work but i got it! :D If anybody wants to know how i did just ask me through the Contact button! :D Another thing is that i'm looking for you guys to go and tell me some stuff i could do with the site! Because right now i don't know what to update, plus i wanna get you guys involved! Anyways, Buh-Bye! :D

Awesome News! :D [1:04 2016-7-31]

So i was making a guestbook and needed to check my email, i then saw a email from eNet. They accepted my form! And so i'm a member! :D You can go check out eNet at! :D Now why did i want to join in the first place? Well you know how some youtube channels are part of a network thing? Where they can help you if problems happen? Well that's kinda what eNet is! :D But yeah! Have fun and Buh-Bye! :D

Thank's for 2000 views! :D [3:18 2016-7-29]

Thanks for 2000 views! We gotten a bit popular some cool neocites users followed! :D So thanks! >u- Buh-Bye! :D

A new day! :D [7:38AM 2016-7-29]

Today is a new day! I hope you guys like the design so far! I'm currently making my RPG game and once released will even have its own page! (maybe) :D Anyways if you wanna kno why its 7:00AM it's because thats my sleep scheduel. I just woke up and drinking my pop. :D (For you america'ns Pop is Soda here in Canada :3) Also try to find a word i spelt wrong in this blog post! :D I'll be back tho! So for now, Buh-Bye! :D

A Q&A where i just assume you had these questions! :D [4:08PM 2016-7-28]

So you guys likely never asked these questions but guess what! I don't care! :D So imma answer some questions you may have about the website and maybe even me directly! :D

Q:Are you a boy or girl? A:I am a boy! :D

Q:Why the new website change? A:Well because i saw some other websites and wanted my own. But i still wanted to keep up this site. So i just updated the site! And because i am not great at html it's kinda like Geocities mixed with Modern! :D

Q:How can i contact you? A:Well this website is hosted on Neocities, and whats awesome is that each website has a profile, meaning you can comment and follow and other stuff! :D So if you wanna contact me you can sign up on Neocities and go and click the Contact button on my sidemenu and comment! :D I also post updates on there and if i forget to tell you guys Neocities does it automatically! :D

Q:I followed you, does something happen now? A:Well i guess not really. :/ But it's kinda like Subcribe on YouTube. You can see my comments on my Neocities profile and see when updates happen. Maybe at some point ill make the follow system come up to use at this website but for now. No. :/

Q:I wanna chat with you in real-time! :D A:Sure! Just goto and you can just hope i'm there! :D

Well that's it for now, i hope you guys enjoyed it! :D Buh-Bye! :D

The first blog in the new version of the website! :D [9:39AM 2016-7-28]

So if you didn't know i made a website change! :D You can check the old design if you look at the bottom link in the homepage. I added a whole lot of stuff including a sidemenu which didn't take me a lot of time because i just copy and pasted. (Thanks to W3schools for the stuff for me to copy. :3) Anyways, i hope you enjoy this awesome update and i will see you soon! :D Buh-Bye!